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1:350 Admiral Kuznetsov by Louis Carabott

Built from the Trumpeter Kit, I.P.M...

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1:350 IJN Nagato by Ranier Michalek

I have the pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery site… Germany’s own Ranier Michalek! After viewing this piece on Dario Hector Gerlini’s I.P.M...

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Sherman M4A4 Tank by Massimo Gandolphi of I.P.M.SOL

I have the great pleasure of showing yet another artist from the Facebook Military Modeling Group I.P.M.SOL… Mr. Massimo Gandolphi! His work on the M4A4 is fantastic...

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1:100 Monitor Huascar by Erick Navas

I absolutely love this artist’s works! Mr...

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1:350 Battleship Missouri by Erick Navas

Taken direct from the pages of Dario Hector Gerlini’s modeling group, I.P.M...

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1:35 MARINA Infantry Battalion No. 5 (BIM5) Diorama by Daniel Gonzalez of I.P.M.SOL

I saw this piece when artist Dario Hector Gerlini, Founder of the Facebook Group I.P.M.SOL showed it to me via email. Built by artist Daniel Gonzalez, this is a beautiful job!

Here is what Dario Hect...

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