VENATOR Star Destroyer by Daniel Beck & Friends

Built to have an accurate Ventaor SD, Daniel joined in with a group to get this piece looking as fantastic as it does! I am looking forward to showing more of Daniels, and his friend’s works!

I am a German Artist of SiFi Models. And now that I finished my 6 month project as part of an group build on the Web Site, it would be a pleasure for me to show the Results on the Modeler Magic Gallery site. It is based on the Revell Venator 1/2256 scale, but like the others of the Group Build I got my own way and it was the goal to create a Venator how it should be… A Venator that fix the colorful version of the new episodes and the cold and fearful of th old Star Destroyer Styles.

I have taken many pics of the Model to show every Detail on it and to Present it in an Cinematic atmosphere. So in this and the other Mails you got everything you need.

I Hope you enjoy…

Detail 1-4: are all super detailed photos with no effects
Dark: Are Pics with only Lightning and no Effects
Stars: Are little Cinematic Photos on an Stars Background
Cinematic: These are the Greatest. My Ship implemented in Star Wars Footage!!!!

If your Interested here my Building:



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