UFO DropShip by Steve Hughes of Third Fate Creations

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Steve Hughes to our Gallery. His digital and physical model work for Third Fate Creations is fantastic and we are looking forward to showing much more from him. This creation to start is quite good! I specifically love the ‘honeycomb’ paint effect! Very nice!

In honor of the old XCOM PC series I made this dropship for tabletop gaming, to act as a cross between a V22 style VTOL and something with a bit of alien tech in it as an intermediate tech dropship to transport troops. Its a kitbash of a USS Runabout, some TRON toys as the nacelle antigrav pods, some Iron wind metal dropship landing struts, and I scratch built the wings and weaponry. Though I normally don’t like painting models to look weathered, I thought this one needed it to a minor degree so I used a bit of inspiration from some carrier fighter images.


DSC03413 Edited

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Steve Hughes


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