TWO Studio Scale TMP Enterprise Refits UPDATE!! The Build BEGINS!

TimeSlip is doing great work in getting the remaining parts made to complete the amazing 8 foot TMP Enterprise Refit kit they created. This kit is no longer being made outside of it’s current participants to be finished up. I thank George and his crew for a job well done! Now…since most of the parts are now with artist Marc Elkins, he has begun assembling the Nacelles of the beautiful swan-like Enterprise. These two are going to be dream builds for us! I am excited! Marc will make these two just as we envisioned.


All four nacelles have been joined, now applying the fiberglass epoxy throughout the entire inside of the nacelles, it fully hardens within 2 hours, after the epoxy is finished then I will fill the exterior seam with filler then I will begin sanding it all to shape, then I will start to build the front grills and the other details, the inner grill that lights up will be left off in order to have full access to its interior for lighting and will be the last nacelle part to install.


The white painted nacelle parts are of the original nacelles shipped years ago, that were done with an older material. Timeslip again showed it’s professionalism by shipping it’s clients the NEWLY made nacelles to replace the first that had been challenged in materials. This they did as professional courtesy…. something I will never forget and respect of TimeSlip. That stated, since we were throwing them away anyway, Marc smartly decided to utilize those older parts as test fit’s for the Nacelle parts we will be using with the new 4 foot nacelle shells. It is not often one gets a set of parts to be able to utilize as trial fits. Thanks again to George and TimeSlip for their outstanding professionalism!


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Marc Elkins



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