TWO Studio Enterprise Refits – Build’s Continue with Marc Elkins

Here are a few more photos of the two studio scale TMP Enterprise Refits that artist Marc Elkins is building for the collection from the TimeSlip Creations Kit! As you can see the parts are crisp and beautiful. One caveat however… looking at the below photo is painful. One of the lower saucer pieces arrive warped. Being that Marc lives in one of the hottest areas in the USA, instead of using a hot blow-gun to straighten out the massive saucer section, George recommended that Marc place it is the sun to heat it up, then gently bend it back to straight. This is something that would have worked in most areas in the USA, but not in the very dry, hot desert of Vegas! Within 10 minutes the FG cast began to bubble and break it’s FG bonding. A hard lesson learned. George was kind enough to agree to send us a replacement…… outstanding professionalism. Thank you George!! Every build has at least one this go wrong…. and this was ours! LOL. In the mean time, as we wait for the replacement to arrive (along with the second secondary hull) Marc has cut to wholes for the windows and spotlight ports on the first secondary hull. This kit is beautiful… as is the work being done on it by Marc Elkins. Thank you Marc!!





Of course the rest is beautiful as usual….






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Marc Elkins & Kurt Kuhn

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