Thomas Weber’s Colonial Freighter Icarus – Composite Art by Andrew Creighton

Artist Andrew Creighton has come through once again with a beautiful composite featuring the build by artist Thomas Weber! The Colonial Freighter Icarus!

This is Thomas ‘Bashman’ Weber’s model that he brought in for a foto session. After shooting the pictures the background was created from scratch in Photoshop and the model shot was inserted. Since the Icarus is such a great blend of classic Galactica elements I tried to go for a look that could be from the old show. Planets & moons that looked a bit like matte paintings from back then, fewer stars that were a bit unfocused, etc. – but didn’t want to overdo the old look. Hopefully, it’s a bit of a trade-off between old and new.


Simply click on the photo to view it large..

Colonial Freighter Icarus 1626x960

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