The Lego master builder Garry King has returned with this magnificent build of the first McQuarrie Cylon Basestar Concept!


A VERY BIG WELCOME again to all who have been following my tribute to Mr. Ralph McQuarrie with his vision of what was his concepts for the Battlestar Galactica Model props design. I thought that I had seen his vision of the first Cylon Baseship but there was another and this is it.


There was only one image that I found and I wondered where were the landing bays situated ?????? So I decided that they will be on the on and in plenty of them in supply, 19 in all with the raiders being elevated up to the launching areas from hangers deep inside the mother ship……..


Huge model for me to get the look right and the detail to enhance the overall effect. This was a fairly fast build to do. Only two weeks from start to finish not including the image editing.


It has a very complex inner frame so it can support itself, except for the lower column which hangs off the main base. With the aid of the inner rod which is only used to keep it off the floor and makes the model look as if it floats.


I wish I could say it is light in weight but I cannot. It is too difficult to lift by myself. So the rolling stand helps with the moving.


Standing 1500mm high and 1020mm diameter, I found now creating the rounded look easier and faster to build. The Baseships that can be said about, not the previous raider.


Following this build I hopefully will get back onto the Galactica but the niggling has already begun to create the Cylon raider that is seen on the war book display in the first episode which I only noticed a few days ago when the original Battlestar Galactica aired on tv again…. Shows how observant I was, and I call myself a fan or fanatic. It could be next. Oh well no one is perfect, thank goodness. Especially me.


I wish I could say and write heaps about this build but it is all very straight forward and all the images says it all.


The Galactica however poses huge structural challenges as there is no under horizontal supports holding the pods in place. MMMMMMM. Let’s see what I will come up with in time.


Saying that I have in my head two large models of the new Cylon new and sleek 2003 designs, posing a slight shift to Cylon superiority. Go Toaster Go.!!!!!


I am having quite a good time in building Mr McQuarries designs as it distracts me from building other models I have in mind and also allows me to acknowledge that without Mr McQuarrie’s vision These builds of mine would not have been built and that I would not have learnt as much as I have learnt.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at this build.



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