The Drift – A Film In Progress by Back Yard Productions with Phil Cocking


I love new and interesting production companies! They end up producing some great stuff that otherwise would have been overlooked by the major studios do to the popular mechanics of said studios. Phil Cocking came to me to show some of the work he was doing for Back Yard Productions U.K. and I must say… this looks intriguing!

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This is something different. I have been helping a film group called Back Yard Productions in the U.K.. Their latest film we are putting together is called the Drift…. their own story, not a copy or spoof! Here are some pictures for you to look at of the gun turret I made, along with the ship interior… and the corridor which I also helped build. The model of the deliverance ship is my build. The film is in it’s first stages and can be seen on the You Tube site

Phil Cocking


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