The Digital & Conceptual Artwork by Sylvain Beignet

Conceptual Art is a HUGE part of the Film industry. Most of us know the names Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, and even H R Giger, but many do not realize what their impact on the finished items we view had. These artists are the basis for most of the creativeness in the film…. and eventually what inspires others from the finished piece viewed. This is the work of fantastic digital artist and illustrator… Sylvain Beignet. As you can view from the photos below, this artist has great creative skills! Not only that, but fantastic PROP skills as well as you can see with Sylvain’s re-paint of the WETA created ARC Generator from the hit film DISTRICT 9! Beautiful work…. and a valued member of the Studio Scale Federation Team.


Sylvain Beignet-001

Sylvain Beignet-002

Sylvain Beignet-003

Sylvain Beignet-004

Sylvain Beignet-005

Sylvain Beignet-006

Sylvain Beignet-007

Sylvain Beignet-008

Sylvain Beignet-009

Sylvain Beignet-010

Sylvain Beignet-011

Sylvain Beignet-012

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