The Digital and Composite Works of Steven T. Meer


I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Steven T. Meer of SMEERWORLD to our Gallery today. His works span many different subjects in this art form… and they are quite nice. To visit Steven’s site direct, please click his banner above!

Voyager In Nebula jpeg 1920x1200

Eagle In Nebula (1920x1200) JPG

Eagle Over Lake (1439x617) JPG

Hawk In Nebula (1918x1079) JPG

Hawn in space flare (2216x1318) JPG

Over Peaceful Waters ULTIMATE jpg

Rescue Eagle In Orbit (3060x2036) JPG

Sunrise Flight 1 with flare & leg fix (1920x1080)JPG

Sunrise Flight 4 with flare add (2557x987) JPG

Sunrise Over Planet with Voyager jpeg 1920x1200

Voyager In Nebula jpeg 1920x1200





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