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1:35 Starship Troopers DROP SHIP by Cesar Toro

Once again this artist comes forward with a fantastic build! Cesar Villar Toro of TOROMODELSTUDIO is simply an amazing artist. I enjoy each and every piece he makes...

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STARSHIP TROOPERS Klendathu Bombardment Advertisement – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Using the photos of the DTSSYST Rodger Young build SEEN HERE, and various other shots, and utilizing some of my own memory of Starship Troopers… I was able to create the below Federal Network Advertis...

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1:700 19 inch Rodger Young by DTSSYST

Last shown for his amazing build of a Star Destroyer, the artist known as DTSSYST again shows skills in this older build of the huge vessel from Starship Troopers… the Rodger Young! As seen on the Pro...

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