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Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise Kit Presentation at 2011 Wonderfest


This year at Wonderfest, Round 2 L.L.C...

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“The Voyage Home” diorama by Christopher Hall

Artist Chris Hall is back with this fantastic scene from Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home! This is a great scene with the Bird of Prey sinking in the breaking waters of the San Francisco Bay just after ...

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46 Inch Enterprise – Shuttle Bay Chasing Lights by NemVia Productions

We have all seen the fantastic Starship builds from NemVia Production’s Mark Nehmzow, and now we get to see a new update to his “Starship Production Line” former showing...

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Second 1:350 Enterprise 1701-A built by Thomas Johnson

Built recently from the amazing, large Polar Lights kit from Round 2 Models, master builder Thomas E...

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1:350 Enterprise 1701-A by Thomas Johnson

Using the incredible 34 inch kit from Polar Lights (Round 2 Models), master modeler Thomas Johnson built this first of two Enterprise 1701’s back in June of 2009...

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Starship Production Line by NemVia Productions

Talk about an impressive site! Pro modeler Mark Nehmzow of NemVia Productions has taken on many starship builds in his day, but these are the most he has taken on at the same time...

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