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1:20 Maschinen Krieger Tornado by Jason Eaton

This is a subject we are going to be showing MUCH more on…. Maschinen Krieger modeling! One of the best artists in this category is Jason Eaton...

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1:24 McQuarrie CONCEPT X-Wing build by Jason Eaton

Once again we are able to show the great talent this artist produces with his build of the kit (mastered by Richard Long) of the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing! Professional artist Jason Eaton never disappo...

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NEW UPDATE! 1:24 BSG Antique Viper Kit patterned by Jason Eaton

I received an email a few days ago from professional artist Jason Eaton with some fantastic news! This kit master is now completed and being sent to Mike Salzo of MSLZ22 Models to be cast and released...

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