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1:350 IJN Nagato by Ranier Michalek

I have the pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery site… Germany’s own Ranier Michalek! After viewing this piece on Dario Hector Gerlini’s I.P.M...

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“STINGRAYS” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Using the great photos of the 1:35 scale Ma.K. Lunadiver Stingray by Sean Brannin (SEEN HERE), and a blue ray scene from Star Trek Nemesis, I was able to create this scene as I envisioned it.

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1:35 Ma.K. Lunadiver Stingray by Sean Brannin

This beautiful build was done by professional artist Sean Brannin from the amazing Hasegawa kit!  Admittedly, it doesn’t take much for someone to really enjoy these Ma.K. pieces due to their designs...

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1:32 WWII Era Me-109 with “Snow Camo” Paint by Dieter Bihlmaier

I am beginning to things that Master Artist Dieter Bihlmaier has a time machine that he utilizes to know the ‘real’ look of these fantastic aircraft of the past! His using of paint, and his weathering...

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