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1:48 Republic V-Wing by Stefan Hacker

This is a fighter design that has yet to really be utilized well in the Star Wars Universe. We briefly saw it in the films, and I would enjoy viewing it more in the Clone Wars series as well...

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1:72 “What If?” Thunderstuka-Stukabolt P47 by Dieter Bihlmaier

Here is another great ‘mash-up’ or as we say here… ‘scratch and bash’ from master artist Dieter Bihlmaier. This artist’s creativity is absolutely fabulous! This ‘what if?’ design is clearly fantastic...

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1:48 Formosa Flying Tigers P-40 by Sean Ravencraft

This beautiful build is from known artist Sean Ravencraft. His paint job is superb to replicate the famous Flying Tigers out of what was then Formosa… now Taiwan...

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1:32 WWII Era Me-109 with “Snow Camo” Paint by Dieter Bihlmaier

I am beginning to things that Master Artist Dieter Bihlmaier has a time machine that he utilizes to know the ‘real’ look of these fantastic aircraft of the past! His using of paint, and his weathering...

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SOLD!!! Darth Vader’s Damaged Wing Studio Scale TIE X-1 REPLICA’s

X-1 Drew 016

Custom Made

DIRECT from the Model Shop

of Master Modeler

Chris Kelley

THREE Darth Vader Studio Scale TIE X-1 Fighter REPLICAS


Wing Damage

as seen in

Star Wars – A New Hope

Each piece is ...

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1:72 Thunderbolt Fighter from B5 by Kostas Kosmidis

This beautiful Thunderbolt Fighter was built by fantastic modeler Kostas Kosmidis...

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TIE Defender CG Build by Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge)

Professional artist Ansel Hsiao is absolutely fantastic and this new build shows it! CG builds are another monster completely than that of a physical scratch build...

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1:72 V-Wing by Carlos Levischi

This little beauty was done by talented pro modeler Carlos Levischi...

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