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Savoia S.113db Vendicatore (Avenger) by Dieter Bihlmaier

Artist Dieter Bihlmaier has come up with some amazing kit bash designs before now… and this one is screaming AWESOME!!

This is my latest what if model, an Italian attack aircraft. I call it Savoia S...

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“CARP” by Dieter Bihlmaier

Artist Dieter Bihlmaier has returned to show us this beautiful build and diorama featuring this fantastic MaK ship! I love this!

Here is my latest Sci-Fi diorama...

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Turret Defense – Scratch Build by Dieter Bihlmaier

Here again is another fantastic creation from professional artist Dieter Bihlmaier! Reminding me highly of the Rebel Turret Defense System seen in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, this model is ob...

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1:72 “What If?” Thunderstuka-Stukabolt P47 by Dieter Bihlmaier

Here is another great ‘mash-up’ or as we say here… ‘scratch and bash’ from master artist Dieter Bihlmaier. This artist’s creativity is absolutely fabulous! This ‘what if?’ design is clearly fantastic...

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Heinkel He-162 “Antarctica Scheme” by Dieter Bihlmaier

This beautiful build is done from a Revell kit by master artist Dieter Bihlmaier. Once again this artist impresses me with his use of amazing weathering and real-world effects. Beautifully done!

To co...

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1:32 WWII Era Me-109 with “Snow Camo” Paint by Dieter Bihlmaier

I am beginning to things that Master Artist Dieter Bihlmaier has a time machine that he utilizes to know the ‘real’ look of these fantastic aircraft of the past! His using of paint, and his weathering...

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HO Scale “Water for Tatooine” Diorama by Dieter Bihlmaier

This is one of the first dioramas we have shown in the popular 1:87 model train scale called HO...

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