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U.S.S. Daedalus (NCC-129) by Lou Dalmaso

Built from the fantastic Steve Neill kit, artist Lou Dalmaso (of AZTEK DUMMY) did a beautiful job with this piece...

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TIMESLIP Studio Scale Enterprise Refit Bridge built by Lou Dalmaso

Artist Lou Dalmaso (owner of Aztek Dummy) has returned with this amazing build of the TIMESLIP Studio Scale Enterprise Refit Kit! His choice of colors is fantastic as is his lighting of the k...

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KIT ALERT!! HUGE!! Studio Scale TMP Enterprise Bridge from TIMESLIP CREATIONS





STUDIO SCALE TMP Enterprise Refit Bridge

*Kit Producer: TimeSlip Creations 161-6178_IMG

*Kit Scale: Studio Scale (Based off the 8 Foot Filming Model)

*Kit Materials: Resin

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STAR TREK Space Station K-7 by Lou Dalmaso

Built from one of the original designed kits that came from the 1960’s series Star Trek, master builder Lou Dalmaso did this piece the justice it deserves...

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