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SOLD!! 1:24 Studio Scale X-wing Red Leader Painted with LED lighting!


$1,100 U.S.

Beautifully built from the fantastically detailed Poseidon Young 1:24 scale kit, RED LEADER is unmistakable to any Star Wars fan! And better yet… not only was this kit maste...

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1:24 McQuarrie CONCEPT X-Wing build by Jason Eaton

Once again we are able to show the great talent this artist produces with his build of the kit (mastered by Richard Long) of the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing! Professional artist Jason Eaton never disappo...

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NEW UPDATE! 1:24 BSG Antique Viper Kit patterned by Jason Eaton

I received an email a few days ago from professional artist Jason Eaton with some fantastic news! This kit master is now completed and being sent to Mike Salzo of MSLZ22 Models to be cast and released...

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1:24 (30.75 inches) “Mark IX Hawk” Attack Ship by E. James Small

Back again with a fantastic scratch build is known artist E. James Small...

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NEW Studio Scale X-Wing from Poseidon Young HAS ARRIVED!

When I returned yesterday, I was extremely happy to see a package from Poseidon Young waiting for me on my desk...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:24 Star Wars Studio Scale X-Wing from Atomic City Models




1:24 (Studio Scale) X-Wing Kit

Years ago, after Industrial Light and Magic moved from it’s Southern California location, they left behind boxes that were to be gone thro...

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SOLD OUT!! Studio Scale Imperial TIE Fighter REPLICA from eFX Collectibles



We are proud to announce the pre-order of our incredible TIE Fighter FX Model...

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“B-Wing” – Composite Art by Robert Watson

The master is back with his latest creation he made using the fantastic photos of the 1:24 Daniel Schaffer build (SEEN HERE)...

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1:24 B-Wing by Daniel Schaffer

Built from the molds of the originally known as the Robert Burns kit, which was mastered by professional modeler Alfred Wong, this piece is absolutely beautiful! Master builder Daniel Schaffer ...

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