STARTED SUNDAY!! July 3, 2011!! eBay CHARITY Auction from ModelMan Tom Piedmont




Model CHARITY Auction

Began July 3, 2011

Hosted by the ModelMan Himself…


eBay ID: tom_e4


Don’t miss out on this fantastic 7 Day CHARITY AUCTION carrying many fantastic items offered by Tom Piedmont himself.


Email Tom Piedmont direct to inquire further by clicking HERE!

Direct links to the auctions will be provided here when they go up on eBay this Sunday!

View the video below to see part of what is up for auction beginning this Sunday!

Culling my collection, I’ve come up with 22 kits and tools that may be of interest to others here. At least half and in a couple cases all proceeds are going to one of several charities including Red Cross, American Cancer Society, United Cerebral Palsy, a Blind Cat Rescue shelter, Harp Seal fund and I think one other whose name eludes me at the moment…

Search for user: ModelManTom

Here is the full list of kits and tools in this auction with their links.

1. AMT Enterprise 1701B Model Kit: Charity Auction…STRK:MESELX:IT

2. AMT Star Trek Bridge Kit x2: Charity Auction…STRK:MESELX:IT

3. AMT K-7 Space Station Model Kit: Charity Auction…STRK:MESELX:IT

4. AMT Romulan Bird of Prey Model Kit: Charity Auction…STRK:MESELX:IT

5. AMT Lamborghini Car Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627566111

6. Moebius Lost in Space Chariot Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627571707

7. Moebius Lost in Space Space Pod Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627572592

8. Moebius Moonbus Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627573812

9. Lost in Space Space Pod Photo Etch Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627577000

10. Lost in Space Chariot Photo Etch Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627575905

11. Polar Lights 1/25 Batmobile Snap Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627580060

12. Polar Lights Robby the Robot Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627582240

13. Polar Lights Spider-Man Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627583327

14. Revell P-38J Fighter Plane Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627584931

15. Lindburgh Blue Devil Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627588588

16. Mystery Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627596371

17. Mystery Model Kit: Charity Auction…m=150627597116

18. “Gotham City Public Works” Plaque: Charity Auction…m=150627598394

19. Airbrush and compressor: charity auction…m=150627591456

20. Carver/Grinder/Drill w/ Flexible Shaft: charity auction…m=150627592837

21. Buffalo Tools Trimmer Router: charity auction…m=150627593580

22. Tenma Soldering Station: charity auction…m=150627594307

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