Stephan Schumann’s LDD MK II VIPER – Lego Build from Garry King

Is there nothing this Lego Master Artist cannot do?!! Garry King is at it again with his magnificent skills of making these fantastic Sci-Fi designs from LEGOs! He amazes me with each and every creation he comes forward with! This one of the Stephan Schumann LDD Viper! Add to that a full sized launch tube… and a gun turret…. and we have something most excellent!


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== LAUNCH ==


After all of the teasing you with the launch tube and the turbo canons.


Stephan’s JOLLY HUGE LDD built from the solid LEGO elements.

This is definitely the best of the best in all of the ‘ VIPERS ’ that anyone including myself have built.. DISCLAIMER TIME >>> That I have seen on MOCPages and Brickshelf and three other sites I have looked at.

This was one amazing build and have to say I spent all of my silly season’s money gifts of purchasing elements for this beauty and more for other future builds.

The LDD was brilliant to look at and a tricky one to generate a building guide as it did mix up so many sections and it took a long time to count each individual elements and then put together a listing of element colours ,size and an image of the elements.. many, many, many hours spent doing a spread sheet design to enable me to paste each element design and colour on then make it readable and hold 12 columns of 15 boxes BLA BLA BLA BLA and so on ….HA HA Now I know that I could have generated a list from the program its self. “ SO TYPICAL “. There is an easy way of doing things after I have done it the hard way..

If you are thinking of building this beauty please remember that not all the elements are available on the market or they may be so expensive to warrant (ME) purchasing. So crafty thinking and being adaptable you can build this viper and once doing so perhaps modify it and create another.

I feel that Stephan has set a new bench mark on size and beauty. Makes me feel inadequate now.. OH WELL !!!!! It is a platform and a new level of achievement.

This viper while building it had some gravity issues, since LDD had no gravity to deal with I had to reinforce the front nose section by adding solid fixed hinge plates to stop the downward force pulling off the front. And just while I was at it I did the same for the lower front .

This was after the ship was fully built and waiting for the proper elements to arrive…

Since its completion it has been knocked about, wings bumped off, laid upon by my dog, rebuilt many times but apart from all that the body took the punishment even better that all my other builds “ So it is a good solid build”.

One for the purists.. It is not perfect .. However it is one super fine looking Viper that Stephan created and shares to all who wish to create it. If you can do better please do so. This is a great starting point for the Macro Builders such as myself. This build is an inspirational starting point for the Viper construction

In May last year I began building a macro MVII Colonial Viper and only got to the rear engine design. I worked out it would be nearly 1100mm in length So yes a biggy. Then I began on my Tribute to Ralph Mcquarrie … The engines still are on the shelf as are many other design thoughts I have had for other future creations.. in all there are sections and designs for 11 ships waiting to be constructed and not enough time in the evening just yet….


Below is where you can see the LDD from Stephan Schumann

THANK YOU FOR LOOKING …. No construction images.



Garry King

LEGO & Model Miniatures

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