Screen Used NECROMONGER “Chronicles of Riddick” Knife from the Hector Rosales Collection

The Chronicles of Riddick are fantastic stories for those, like myself, who enjoy great action mixed with the science fiction of possible different worlds and beliefs out in the cosmos. Some of the props made for this specific film were beautiful pieces, one of which we see here today from the Hector Rosales Collection! This is the knife that is handed to Vin Diesel (Riddick) when he first encounters the Necromonger’s Leader. In the scene Riddick flips it around to show how well trained he is, and the balance of the blade. At the top of the hilt, you can see a small hole that actually had a wire going through it so that Vin Diesel could give the ‘appearance’ of wielding the knife as he did. All smoke and mirrors! The design of this piece, as with the other props of this film is absolutely staggering to view in my own opinion. It all seems very “Giger” in it’s dark essence. Thank you Hector for allowing us to show this wonderful prop.

To view this piece in it’s large form, please click on it.


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