“SANDCRAWLER” McQuarrie Tribute Painting by Stefan Böttcher

Everyone who is anyone that has loved Star Wars, or Science Fiction in general, knows the name Ralph McQuarrie. His art has inspired millions, not to mention having been part of nearly every major Sci-Fi Film that has occupied all of our dreams for so long. Artists like Ralph have literally challenged our imaginations and changed industry standards to be much higher. In a tribute to Mr. McQuarrie’s contributions to us all, professional artist Stefan Böttcher has  replicated some of Ralph’s visions in his own paintings. Drawing on inspiration of decades ago, Stefan really has done this painting justice… and in doing so… complimented Mr. McQuarrie’s works!  I absolutely love this scene…. and painting by artist Stefan Böttcher!

To view this piece in it’s large size, please click directly on it…


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