Round 2 Enterprise 1701-D by Robert Thompson

Artist Robert Thompson returns with this fantastic build and set of photos of his Round 2 Enterprise “D”! I love this!

I have finally finished my Enterprise D clear cast model, from Round 2. It took a long time, and lots of experimentation, but I got’er done. This model used cold cathode tubes for the warp engines, and the ships windows. The bussards, the deflector dish, and impulse engines are all led’s.
The windows were masked out with hand cut tape masks, then the hull was painted with primer, the black, then white, then the first coat of blue, then the second coat of lighter blue with the masks supplied by dlm parts mask kit. Five coats of paint, and that’s before the final dull coats. The warp engine pylons had to be gouged out for the wiring to supply the engine lights, then covered over with styrene sheets with custom made detail.
The photography was accomplished with several separate exposures of all elements, the layered together with Photoshop.
Thanks for looking,
Robert Thompson
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. Canada.

enterprise d third

enterprise 7

enterprise d second shoot moved

enterprise d 5

enterprise d first shot

enterprise d 6

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Robert Thompson


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