Revell Cylon Raider Re-Issue from the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

Built by Wayne Hough, this fantastic piece is now part of the Chris Borges-Silva Collection! These re-issue Raiders from the original Monogram Molds make them the same as the Raider that was built as a background Raider in the 1979 series Battlestar Galactica….essentially making the plastic model another studio scale size! Soon Moebius Models will be releasing the larger 1:35 sized Studio Raider model kit that will make the plastic model kit realm complete for Battlestar Galactica Raiders. This piece by Wayne Hough is a fantastic build!

Another fine sample built/lit by Wayne K. Hough.

This is a Revell Re-Issue with custom lighting.
Internal power via 9-volt battery.

Very pleased to have this to add to my collection.

Chris Borges-Silva






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