PLANTE Studio Tydirium WIP by Dan Grumeretz

Michael Plante’s collection is one that is being talked about more and more with each fantastic piece he adds. The reason being is that his pieces are set apart by individual custom works that many don’t think about adding in to those pieces. Dan Grumeretz is a key player for this to happen. His skills are top notch in every category, leaving nothing left for the collector to discuss when the piece is completed. He does exactly what the collector asks for…. and more. You can see the tiny Tydirum cockpit, and the custom figures made for it… especially for this piece. Thee pieces have been sent to cast by Mike Salzo of MSLZ22 Models. Not only is the cockpit being done, and the figures inside, the full landing gear and lighting! Michael’s Tydirium is being engineered by Dan to have moving wings that make the shuttle’s landing gear move up and down for whatever display he wishes to do. This is going to be yet another great piece in an already fantastic collection! Great job by Dan Grumeretz in his abilities to bring everything wanted into existence!

crew 007a

crew 003a


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Dan Grumeretz

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Michael Plante


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