Over 26 Inch Star Wars ROTJ A-Wing by Chris Kelley

Master Kit Maker Chris Kelley is back with this fantastic and huge A-Wing! Could this be a preemptive look at a new giant kit?!! Only Chris knows! Modeler Magic would certainly love to view a studio scale kit release of this model… and this is VERY close to the correct size! For whatever reason the studio scale A-Wing has eluded the kit markets thus far, so I very much appreciate looking at the artists creating studio scale one-offs, like this one. Measuring 26.25 inches in length, and having a pilot figure that stands 8 inches tall…. this is an impressive scratch built piece!

A wing fighter backyard shots 023

A wing fighter backyard shots 022

A wing fighter backyard shots 020

A wing fighter backyard shots 006

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Chris Kelley


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