OUTSTANDING! Another 41 Inch Runner WIP by Jerry Gordon

I love to see when great kits take off with excellent artists at their build helms! I have the great honor of introducing artist Jerry Gordon to this Gallery with his magnificent Blockade Runner build! Just look at those engine lining up!  I am looking forward to showing much more from this artist!

Of note… I had made a mistake with last night’s update, placing Jerry’s photos and Stuart Jones photos in the same showing. I greatly apologize and now have separated the two so we may view the great builds from both great artists!


I bought one of Chris Kelly’s 41″ ROTJ BR kits a couple months ago. I had just started working on the kit and I have only the basic ( no details ) engine section built so far as it took me a whole day from start to finish. It was very tough to get all the engines to line up perfectly, but I am now working on wiring it up.


The first pics you can see where I bored holes to the individual engines to get power to them, then the progression of the assembly. After several hours of trying to line up all the engines while the block was on the stand, I decided to take the block off and set it on a flat surface with all the engines standing upright, then I could best make any adjustments needed. It went very quickly after that…..which is what Chris suggested to do in the manual!




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