NEW AREA! Building The Studio Scale Motion Picture Enterprise

With the parts coming together from TimeSlip Creations, and a new shop area for Marc Elkins, the TWO studio scale (8 foot) Star Trek The Motion Picture Enterprise Replicas are now in the beginnings of their lives! Marc has readying the parts, and now will begin constructing the armature needed to hold the model together for all time. We decided that many would like to view the progress of these builds (as they are rare to be seen) and thus created the new section which can be access at the top right of the Modeler Magic main page. Simply clicking on the associated banner there will take one to the section where they may view all happenings of these being created, from their first kit parts being offered, to the most recent updates happening with the builds! Marc tells me that updates will be coming quickly as our excitement soars with these two dreams of ours being built. I wish to thank George Takacs and the Crew whom made these possible, and Marc Elkins whom is building them. Dreams do come true! Enjoy this most recent of photos from Marc’s shop.




To contact the Builder/Owner direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


Marc Elkins & Kurt Kuhn

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To contact George Takacs of TimeSlip direct, please click the Banner link above.


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