NASA HL-10 by Steve Carricato for the Karl Southcott Collection

Artist Steve Carricato has returned with this possible kit, derived form his restoration of an HL-10 model for the Karl Southcott Collection!

I just finished the Prototype of the 6 million dollar man spacecraft. The one you see is a model from someone who scratch built in 1975….years ago! Karl Southcott had me commission a new kit which I am scratch building for him. Then once done I will mass produce the kit once I have finished one for him. He had a friend whose father actually worked on the real HL-10 lifting body for NASA .  It’s been his father’s model for years until he passed on. So Karl had me restore it back to its original look. He gave it to me in pieces, so I restored it by completely rebuilding it and painting it as it was originally. Next to it is my rough copy to carve on to make my kit. Hope you like it?

Steve Carricato SCMs

DY-100b DSV 008

DY-100b DSV 014

DY-100b DSV 016

DY-100b DSV 018

DY-100b DSV 019

DY-100b DSV 021

DY-100b DSV 024

DY-100b DSV 025

DY-100b DSV 026

DY-100b DSV 027

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