Millennium Falcon by Jared Wynn

Artist Jared Wynn has returned with another wonderful build! This time of the ever popular Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars Trilogy. Jared use of weathering to make the old gal look like she should is quite well done! Beautiful work! This shows you how well even the old,challenged ERTL/MPC kits may still look!

Here is what Jared has to say…

Well I finished the Millennium Falcon model, after two months of work, I think this is my best model to date so far. The photos were taken at two different times, so the color balance is a little off in some of them.

It’s an ertl kit from 2005, I built the side walls out of scratch because the original walls were too tall and not detailed that well. I was able to get the perfect size because of some full-size blueprints I have of the 3 foot model from “Empire Strikes Back”. Then I purchased a 1:76 tank kit, Tamiya and Academy gun sets, two Enzo Ferrari kits and was given a bunch of leftovers from bi-plane kits that a friend of mine had. To add the damage to the hull, I simply used a heavy duty solder gun, waited until it was red hot and then carefully scarred the model in the right places. For the paint job I simply airbushed it a dark engine grey first as a primer. Then I tried the Tamiya light grey spray paint and it was to dark for light grey, so I airbrushed it again with a Testors Acryl light grey which ended up being the color I wanted. I then went about and added some distressing and colored the panels various shades of grey. For the main areas of distress I used pigment powders to simulate the damage and rust in the areas of the ship. The greasy streaks were applied with a mix of watered down paint and then the Acryl paint built up layers. I have photos of the actual Falcon model from ‘Empire’ including my ILM book from the ’80’s which has great photos of the falcon model, that assisted me greatly in the paint job for the model. The figures in the cockpit are from a Moebius Voyager kit, I built that for my dad and I thought I lost the figures and then found them and used them. The last touch was adding a matte finish to lock in the pigment powders and seal up the paint job and little. Since it has that finish I have to pick it up with nitrile gloves so I don’t dirty up the model and rub the paint job off because it’s a thin coat of paint all over the ship. Very much like the paint job on a studio model.

Well I hope that shed some light on the process of how I built this model. My only regret is actually not adding a armature of pvc pipe and rigging it up like an actual studio model, I wanted to test myself and see how my bashing technique is. Maybe next time I build a bigger one.


Jared Wynn

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