Main Deflector Dish for the Studio Scale Enterprise Refit

First… I would like to thank TimeSlip Creation’s owner George Takacs and his crew for creating this fantastic piece of art in the Studio Scale Enterprise Refit! You have made some dreams come true my friends!

Of Note: This Kit is no longer available as TimeSlip has taken all the orders it will. Only those that have vested in the beginning parts will receive the remaining parts to build the full model.

Pictured here, in the hands of artist Marc Elkins, is the main deflector dish for the 8 foot studio scale Enterprise Refit from Star Trek The Motion Picture. The quality is outstanding! There are only a few more parts we have coming from George, then the Pylons and the neck to be created and we will see these builds flourish! This is finally starting to happen!

I would also like to thank Marc Elkins for prepping all of these parts for the two studio builds he will be performing very soon! This is an exciting time!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic





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