SOLD!! Lambda Class Shuttle TOY CONVERSION by Daniel Beck


Star Wars Return of the Jedi

HASBRO Toy Conversion

Lambda Shuttle


OH MY!! This has to be one of the best toy conversions I have seen yet! Daniel Beck really stepped up and raised everyone’s bar… very…. VERY HIGH!! This is amazing!

This is the conversion of the Hasbro Lambda Shuttle. I did a lot of changes on it to bring it more close to the Studio Model. Again there are many special effects I realized with my programmed boards. All electrical components are inside and are controlled with a Remote Control, so it is possible to remove it from the stand.


First the Engines:

It is difficult the get the complete Effect on Camera. But in the Inside each Engine has 4 rings of LEDs(160 LEDs at all) 2 in white and 2 in Blue all 4 Rings with different Pulsing and Flickering Effects.

The Completed Build:

Daniel Beck

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