Kuhn Global’s 42 Inch Randy Cooper STAR DESTROYER KIT REVIEW

It seems like a very long time ago now when famed artist Randy Cooper released his first Star Destroyer Kit. I remember it well with a fantastic photo of Randy standing with his first completed build, with Randy pointing toward it with words in text stating “This is MY RIDE!”…lol. Or something like that. In any case… I was very excited to get one… so I purchased TWO back then. They were nearly 38 inches long when finished, and between the works of artist’s Marc Elkins, and Dan Grumeretz… both Star Destroyers adorn the Collection Floor today.

When Randy remade an entirely new Star Destroyer kit, (working from actual studio model dimensions), he was able to reduce the studio scale dimensions to make this new 42 inch long Star Destroyer Kit. Again.. in my excitement of Randy’s works, I purchased TWO of these new 42 inch kits! (I may have to begin going to Model Makers and Collectors Anonymous…. because I am an art form addict after all…lol). One of those kits I decided to un-box and photograph for this review.

The shipping box arrived undamaged and was packed very well. When removing the kit parts, I found a few of the forward hull pieces were warped and will need to be straightened. It is nothing a little heat will not fix. The next thing I noticed were how many parts there were. These are photographed on a 6 foot round table… and I had pieces hanging off of the table’s edge to photograph it all together. While I have dealt with both more, and less parts before this, these parts of this specific kit are an impressive amount of parts that will make any kit builder smile, or cringe at, depending on their skill level.

The parts are very well formed, with crisp edges and very fine detail. I am amazed at the trench details that Randy put into this kit. There is enough trench “noise” (made of tiny shapes) that one may not even need to add in extra parts to make that ‘industrial’ look that the Imperial Star Destroyers have in their trenches. The detail is so fine. So much so that you may take notice of tiny bits of Randy’s molds which were still caught in areas that nearly could be mistaken as ‘undercuts’. I do feel bad about the molds (it happens even to the best model makers), and the next guy who may get that pull, but I am also excited that the details are so strong, and tiny. When built, it makes for the immense size illusion of this miniature, especially when photographed. Some of the detail on the parts will need to be touched up, and there are tiny bubble air voids here and there, which again… being in the trench only makes their “detail noise” even better.

Randy has included a very nice model stand. It has a large base with an IMPERIAL symbol cast in, along with a few cast posts that, when put together, will hold up the finished model.

I have known Randy Cooper for nearly two decades now, and I continue to be like a little kid in a candy store when I see something new he has created. I state that because I had that same feeling with this kit. When I removed the rear engine section from the box, my jaw dropped as I noticed the amazing amount of fine details on this huge kit part. I think I actually giggled. Again… impressive.

Is this kit perfect? Of course not. As a former model builder I ask…”What would be the fun in that?”! Does it have all the components needed to create an impressive Star Destroyer display? That is a hard “YES”!!

Make no mistake… this is slightly smaller than the Studio Scale Model from A New Hope, so please do not confuse it as being that size. If you want the larger Studio Scale Model Replica, you can get one by going to eFX Collectibles, or even build one yourself from scratch. This 42 inch Cooper Kit is a great alternative to be a large, (but smaller than the original), replica for those who want a larger version of the Imperial Star Destroyer, but that don’t necessarily want to take up that extra space. This kit will build to be an impressive size.

With everything stated above, I can also state that dealing with Randy is a pleasure. He is purely professional… and that is something many know well that I appreciate very much in this art form.

Once again I have left these photos in their raw size (only adding my logo)… so that everyone may get close and personal with what the photos may show to them. Zoom in, but remember that some of these details are so small that one may have a hard time seeing them with the naked eye. Aside from any tiny holes that sometimes show themselves after the primer has been added, I don’t think this kit reveals any real issues, but instead presents as a great display when completed correctly.

Enjoy the photos. I love the kit. A great job by artist and Kit Maker Randy Cooper.

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic


Kurt Kuhn




Tennessee, USA




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