Klingon Bird of Prey by Aaron Goldsmith

Newcomer Aaron Goldsmith is showing his first piece on Modeler Magic today… and what a beautiful piece it is. The Klingon BOP is one of the most brilliantly designed science fiction vessels of all time, and Aaron brought this piece to life with his paint scheme. A wonderful first showing from this artist.

I am submitting a model of a Klingon bird of prey from an AMT Model kit with a modified display stand. I attempted to distress and weather the model it imply years of hard use and neglect by its owners (varying hull colors to imply the use of mismatched scrap parts from other ships). My idea is that a Klingon’s main focus of upkeep would not be a clean hull but only on the vital systems such as engines, weapons, and sensors.

The conceptual idea for the model is that of an aging bird of prey built during the 2270’s and still in use during the late 24rd century. The House who owns and operates the ship have let it deteriorate over the years repairing it using scrap and salvage from other less fortunate vessels. Her captain’s main goal is keeping weapons, sensors, and engines up to date while giving little concern to her overall appearance. The ship has a long history of both glorious battle and stagnation on planet surfaces throughout her decades of use. While her patina of rust, grime and oil may not be pleasant to the eye she still has the potential to strike fear into the heart of her enemies.


Aaron Goldsmith

2012-06-10 03.24.40

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