Chris Kelley 41 Inch Blockade Runner


Star Wars

HUGE 41 Inch!!


$1275 U.S.

TantiveIV 096

HOLY MOLY! Chris Kelley is nearly ready for this magnificent KIT Release! After speaking with Chris, and finding out what comes with this amazing kit, not to mention how FEW there will be, I am surprised to find out the cost of this MASSIVE kit to be so reasonable!!

First there will be parts included to make ALL THREE versions made for the Star Wars Trilogy and Tour Display!! The “A New Hope” version, ILM “Return of the Jedi” Model Shop version, or the “Return of the Jedi” Theatrical version!!! There may also be plaques made for each kit!

Second…. as stated, Chris wants to keep these very rare… and thus will only be selling a FEW kits, then he is considering doing only a few fully blown custom builds of it for a few lucky collectors. Are you that collector? If not… you may wish to get yourself on that list!!

To view more about this Kit,

please visit Chris Kelley’s section by clicking HERE

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


Below is an example build of the 41 inch Runner sitting next to the already fantastic 27 inch Randy Cooper Blockade Runner kit that is always available…

TantiveIV 124

TantiveIV 123

TantiveIV 127

Note the difference in the spines between

Randy’s ANH version and the Kelley ROTJ version…

TantiveIV 135

TantiveIV 134The ROTJ version actually had lit windows on it’s spine!!

Chris made certain to include them as an option!!!



TantiveIV 096

TantiveIV 097

TantiveIV 093


ILM “ROTJ” Model Shop Version Example…

TantiveIV 118

TantiveIV 070

TantiveIV 099**************************************

A note from Chris Kelley…

THREE versions are available. ANH with 2 different plugs on the side, ROTJ theatrical, that’s without the heavy guns and the ILM model shop with heavy guns. I have completed my model which was a huge rush job. Lots of pipe work left to do inside the gun turrets. I’m ready to cast for potential customers. Please advise anyone interested that it is for professional or at the least experienced resin kit builders. I have not cast the ROTJ spine yet. It’s still in the mold box. I hope to have the rest of my rubber today and cast that tomorrow. Thanks for your support.


Here are the photos of this amazing KIT!!

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