KIT NEWS! 1:2500 New Movie Enterprise Kit CANCELLED by Round 2 Models


New Star Trek Movie fans are disappointed with the latest announcement from Round 2 Models (who produce the fantastic Polar Lights kits). They have decided to not make and release the anticipated product for reasons only known to Paramount Pictures and Round 2 currently. While Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic would have like to have seen this 11.5 inch snap together kit of the Ryan Church redesigned Enterprise released, I am certain there is a resonable explanation that we simply cannot know at this time. My hopes are that they have decided to release a larger version…. like in 1:800 scale… making it three feet long. As knowledge becomes prevalent, we will be able to tell you more. As seen on Model Kit Central, here is the statement Round 2 issued…

Round 2 is not proceeding with development on the U.S.S. Enterprise model kit, as based on the 2009 film, Star Trek. We will continue to focus on classic Star Trek by reissuing nostalgic favorites and enhanced re-releases as well as some all-new tooling of favorite Trek subjects.

Live long and prosper,
The Round 2 Model Kit Team

This statement has come to the shock of many who very much appreciated the Franchise’s continuation with the updated movie that was a fantastic success at the Box Office. I am certain Round 2 Models has solid reasons as to their decision.

February 23, 2011 NEWS

I received an informative email from one of our viewers this morning, Mr. William Fike. He emailed Round 2 and received a response from Thomas Lowe (Round 2’s owner). In the email is was suggested to inquire with Paramount Pictures regarding this sudden decision. I agree. Looking at the statement Round 2 released, the state they will not be releasing the model based on the 2009 film. Of course everyone knows there is a second film due to be released in the next two years. There has been internet stated speculation that design elements are changing on the New Enterprise for this anticipated sequel. Though there are no confirmations of that, it stands to be a good explanation as to why Round 2 would not release the original version so close to the sequel release. Then there is other rumor that Revell of Germany is acquiring Star Trek rights.Never the less… being that this is such a popular vessel, it is Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic’s opinion that there will be some sort of licensed kit offered by someone right around the same time as the Star Trek sequel is released.

I would like to thank William Fike for his determination of getting an answer and sharing it with us. I would also like to thank Thomas Lowe and Round 2 Models for their excellent contributions, and continuations of fantastic models for us all.

If you have questions, or would like to comment directly to ROUND 2, please click their banner link below.



Here are some suggested Scales Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

would like to see this kit made in…smallest to largest

1:2500 = 11.5″

1:1000 = 28.75″ (2.4′)

1:800 = 35.94″ (2.99′)

1:700 = 41.07″ (3.42′)

1:650 = 44.23″ (3.69′)

1:350 = 82.14″ (6.85′)

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