Kit Bash 1:72 Space Fighter by David Reese

I would like to welcome artist David Reese to this Gallery. Showing first is this piece he did at the young age of 14! As simple as the design is, it shows great creativity and imagination. Not to mention the quality of the build itself. Nicely done!

This is what artist David Reese has to tell of this build…

This is a kit bash I did based on a kit bash I did when I was about 14.  The major parts are the same but the details changed based on lack of part availability and some parts I just cant remember what they were.  Normally I stay away from asymmetric designs but this was fun.

It’s a fighter in 1/72 with a fully synthetic cockpit display for the pilot (no windows).  It has two beam weapons (never defined what type) and is propelled by a gravity type drive system.  The original was all white with no markings so I added a little color for interest.

Thank you!

David Reese

To contact artist David Reese, please click HERE.

white ship 008

white ship high rt front

white ship high rt rear

white ship left front high

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