KIT ALERT!!!1:3700 (13.25 inch) Battlestar POSEIDON/VALKYRIE II from BamBam Productions

Kit Alert
BAMBAM_MODEL_PRODUCTIONS_290X50Battlestar Poseidon (Valkyrie II)
POSEIDON-thumbProducer: BamBam Productions
Scale: 1:3700-1:4100
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 50 + 40 or so Turrets
Price: $80
World Wide Shipping: Please Contact
Available: 03/27/2011
Payment Method: PayPal, Money Order
PayPal Address: dave@bambammodelproductions.com

It is a 3d printed ship that is 13.25″ and 5″ wide. It is 1.75 thick and has underside detail and missile launchers all over about 40 turrets and is very nice with direction and decals also has the viper launch tubes….

valkyrie poseidon-sized

valkyrie poseidon


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