KIT ALERT!! Torpedo with Battle Mode and Sound Support from Starling Technologies




Torpedo with Battle mode and Sound support

*Kit Producer: Starling Technologies™ Packaging-sized

*Kit Scale: 1/350 plus models that can accept the board size listed below.

*Kit Materials: Electronic Light and Sound Kit, LEDs, Connectors with Leads, Resistors

*Number of Pieces: 17

*Kit Price: $83.00

*Shipping Amount: USA shipping included. International $6.00

*Shipping: Worldwide

*Kit Availability Date: Now

*Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit cards through PayPal ,Check, Money Order

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit URL:

*Kit Description:

The Model# S-PT-SE RV-1 LED board provides user interactive effects from a single push-button, designed to mimic the Photon Torpedoes fired from from various star ships as seen in the movies to add life like visual effects as well as audio effects using an optional sound card. Designed for models offered by various manufactures including : Polar Lights , AMT and Revell. Various star ships include : TOS NCC-1701, NCC-1701-REFIT/NCC-1701-A, Enterprise D, Enterprise E, Voyager, or any other ship requiring this effect. Can also be used for other projects. Designed for ease of use and longevity, and Small enough to fit inside the model itself or its stand.

Powered by 9 volt or 12 volt power supply either by battery or by a”Regulated” DC power supply adapter that you plug in to the wall(Not Included).

Board Features

Measures Approximately 46mm x 36mm

Connection for optional sound module. By leaving the sound module separate, the user has the option of adding higher quality sound.

This L.E.D. circuit provides Three programmed settings to add life like effects to your project.

  • Setting 1: 3 Slow Firing Torpedoes
  • Setting 2: 3 pair of Successive firing Torpedoes.
  • Setting 3: Battle Mode: A mixture of 4 different patterns firing at different rates.


Hear the difference in High quality sound. No low quality chip generated sounds here, The optional USB High quality sound module allows an actual .wav file to be uploaded to the board and play at a sample rate of 8-12k.Video Below demonstrates the FULL KIT with USB Hiqh quality sound module.Sound is available in 3 slow fire mode only.There is no sound in setting 2, but does fire at times during setting3, battle mode.

(NOTE: buyer has the option to request sound in “slow-three-fire” mode or in “Battle” mode. Choice of TOS torpedo sound or Refit/A sound)

Video of Full Kit

Video of Battle Mode Sound Option

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