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The Starship Glow Kit

*Kit Producer: Modeler’s Brand Hobby Supplies    KG_MMM_MB_1701_000
*Kit Scale: Fits   AMT #695 Tholian Web Glow in the Dark Edition (1/650)

*Kit Materials:
54” Smooth Double-Density Ultra-violet LEDTape
(5) 5mm Straw Hat Ultra-violet LED’s
(5) 470 ohm Resistors
10 Ft hook up wire, 5’x 2 colors
2 Ft Heat Shrink, 1’ each 1/4” and 1/8”
1 Ft Solder
(1) optional 9v Battery Clip
(1) Power Switch
Video Construction Guide

*Number of Pieces: See above

*Kit Price: USD $74.95
*Shipping Amount: $5.50 Continental US, $18.50 Worldwide Priority

*Kit Availability Date: Now
*Payment Methods: PayPal or Postal Money Order only.

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit URL:

*Kit Description:
For decades, Glow-in-the-Dark model kits have been little more than a gimmick.  Welcome to the Future!

The Starship Glow Kit is designed specifically to light your Tholian Web edition of the venerable USS Defiant ( 1/650 Enterprise model kit) as it appeared in the spatial rift along the Federation/Tholian Assembly border in the classic episode “The Tholian Web”.

While the Defiant was lost there, you can now recreate it in your own home with the Starship Glow Kit from Modeler’s Brand Hobby Supplies!  This is truly a modeling first!  Featuring Smooth Double-Density Ultra-violet LEDTape with 3 LED’s per inch, this Glow kit will make your model not only glow in the dark, but in the light and 24/7 as well!

A soldering iron and skills are required.  The LEDTape must be modified to fit into the saucer.  The Starship Glow Kit does not include the plastic model kit (AMT#695) nor a stand and is designed for optimal running at 12v, but can run on as little as 6v DC.  Power supply not included.

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For more information, view these two video commercials

Or watch the Construction Guide as well!

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