KIT ALERT!! The Glue Looper from Creative Dynamic LLC



THE GLUE LOOPER™ is a micro glue applicator made for applying a VERY small amount of LOW VISCOSITY (i.e. – very thin) glue where you want it to go with very little or no trace of the glue.
It uses capillary action with LOW VISCOSITY CA (cyanoacrylic) glue or LOW VISCOSITY model cement.
It fits in any standard hobby knife handle that uses a flat clamping front vise, can be used and reused for multiple glue applications. (Cleans very easy – just burn off old glue with a lighter)
It comes in three different sizes, four GLUE LOOPER’s™ of each size included in every purchase.

Our product is patent pending 2013.
Designed and made in the USA by a Professional Artist for Artists.


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Ken Alfter


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