KIT ALERT! – Korbanth Sabers – Korbanth Black Friday Saber Sale PREVIEW

Korbanth Sabers – Korbanth Black Friday Saber Sale

Black Friday Deals are coming in 14 days from now

Every year, Korbanth Sabers does a huge, gigantic offering of products on Nov.25th, the day known as Black friday when all the holiday shopping officially kicks off – so what can you expect from your favorite lightsaber making fans?

Installed saber hilts with Neo-Pixel will be $75.00 off

Empty Saber hilts will be $50.00 off

We will be offering a buy 2 get 1 hilt free promotion on 17 of our hilts in the bargain basement section to help us close out overstock of hilts – more details will come on how it is to work, but for now – save your money, wait 2 weeks and stock up on 3 or 4 of your favorite products –

Also – more great news – we will be listing brand new sabers to include – Sifo Dyas, Exar Kun, OWK1 EP1, Stellan Gios, Quinlon Vos “The Lost path”, New folding saber Dark Rey – “Dark Queen”, and CW 2-saber set of Ahsoka Tano “Fulcrum V2” and Finally our latest Dooku “DukeV3”

Graflex Supreme Goth Metal Elite Crystal chassis &  OWK4 Goth Metal Elite Crystal chassis –

both in limited 15 unit runs –  9 new sabers that are going to be released on Black Friday – some in stock, and some will be pre-orders with quick in stock release dates.


So do not forget, Friday at 9am Pacific Standard time zone, on Black Friday Nov25-through Sunday Nov27 – be here for the buy 2 get 1, the $75 off installed hilts and $50 off empty sabers and have the chance to snag some of these new saber hilts –

Also releasing on Nov.28 – cyber monday our new exclusive MANTIS sabers.  Gunmetal Sith, Jedi Gold, and Apprentice Chrome versions – you’ll love the new designs.

Remember – we offer paypal, credit card, Shop-pay-in-4, and Affirm (pay over 12 months) – so this is perfect time to buy 3-4 hilts for your 2023 and for Christmas gifts for your spouse.  We provide gift cards too that never expire.

thank you for your continued support



Randy Johnson


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