KIT ALERT!! Customizing Parts for TOS Secondary Hulls from Modular Models




Custom Secondary Hull Parts


Dreadnaught/Through-Deck Hull Extension Kit

PT79 – $12.00

This set of extensions can be used to make any Through-deck or Dreadnaught style secondary hull as long or short as you wish. Extensions can be used alone or in combinations.

extension 800

Parts list:

  • 1″ extension
  • 1/2″ extension
  • 1/4″ extension
  • 1/8″ extension
  • Decals
  • Instruction sheet


Secondary Hull Front Sensor Mount

PT80 – $3.50


A standard front sensor mount to replace the combination shuttle bay/front sensor array front section of any Through-deck or Dreadnaught secondary hull. Requires sensor dish assembly from PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kit



Carrier Dual Shuttlebay Rear Section

PT78 – $10.00


Convert your through-deck secondary hull into a carrier with an additional shuttlebay directly below the standard shuttlebay. Alternately, combine with the front sensor mount and extension kit to design your own carrier style secondary hull. Requires one shuttle bay door from PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kit.

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