KIT ALERT! Custom Lighting Boards from Embedded Design Works, Inc.


Embedded Design Works, Inc.


Custom Model Lighting Boards

*Kit Producer: Embedded Design Works, Inc. IMG_0576

*Kit Scale: NA

*Kit Materials: NA

*Number of Pieces: 1 Circuit Board, 72 LEDs, 1 Fan, 1 Cable, 1 Keypad, 1 Power Supply

*Kit Price: $350.00

*Shipping Amount: $10

*Shipping: USA

*Kit Availability Date: Build to order (Approximately 1 week), 1 Available to ship.

*Payment Methods: PayPal/Credit Card

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit URL (if applicable): (Demo videos and software download)

*Kit Description:

Designed for the Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise Refit, but can be adapted for any model you would like to have lighting control.

Product Features:

  • · Super bright LEDs included (72 count). Watch the Navigational Deflector slowly rise to full power.
  • · 16 Button keypad used to control individual sections of lighting. At the press of a button fire a volley of 6 torpedoes.
  • · Comes with a 12VDC power supply.
  • · On power up the board goes through a lighting sequence turning on the individual sections of the model (or any other model). (Sequence matches very closely to the movies).
  • · Computer control software available via download. USB or the 9 pin serial port can be used. Data is transmitted back to the computer through the USB port. Data shows which lights are on.
  • · Free Firmware upgrades available via download. (Only available through the USB port)
  • · Custom chip programming available at additional cost. (Only available through the USB port)
  • · Instructions available via download. Will include some basic electronics instruction so you can modify the board for different LEDs. (Modifications done at user’s own risk). Basic Electronic skills recommended.
  • · Possible Add on cards in the future.

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


Model Lighting Board Manual Cover Art

Model Lighting Board Manual



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