KIT ALERT!! 1:72 “The 6th Day” Whispercraft V2 from Fantastic Plastic Models




“The 6th Day”

Whispercraft v.2

*Kit Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models  WhispercraftBoxArt-400

*Kit Scale: 1:72

*Kit Materials: Resin, Vacuform

*Number of Pieces: 50

*Kit Price: $75.00

*Shipping Amount: $8.00 Domestic and Canada, $15.00 International

*Shipping: Worldwide

*Kit Availability Date: Now

*Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, M/O

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit URL (if applicable):

*Kit Description:
In the 2000 sci-fi action movie “The 6th Day,” Arnold Schwarzenegger played the owner of a small aircraft rental company specializing in VTOL “Whispercraft,” advanced helicopter-like vehicles whose blades could be “fixed” in flight to function as conventional wings. Designed by the legendary conceptual artist Ron Cobb, the fictional “Whispercraft” were based on actual variable-wing VTOL concepts then under development by the U.S. government.

This re-release of our 2007 kit will be upgraded using now-available blueprints from designer Ron Cobb and will include numerous extras, including a complete interior, clear vacuform canopy and ordnance for a military gunship version.

  • Scale: 1:72
  • Material: Resin/Vacuform
  • Number of pieces: 50
  • Civilian or military version options
  • Clear vacuform canopies
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Pattern by Scott Lowther
  • Casting Mana Studios
  • Decals by JBOT

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