KIT ALERT!! 1:1000 Larson Class IV Destroyer Starship from Spacecraft Creation Models




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Larson Class IV Destroyer Starship

*Kit Producer: Spacecraft Creation Models USS Larson destroyer box art-sized

*Kit Scale: 1/1000

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Kit Price: $89.95

*Shipping Amount: $12.95

*Kit Availability Date: Now!!


*Payment Methods: PAYPAL Only

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit Description: The Larson class IV Destroyer Starship 1/1000. This kit has detail more than any of my other Starships! The landing bays have louver doors, (like the Reliant Starship Search for Spock) and detail under the nacelle stabilizers lot of louvers Now in stock! I accept PAY PAL ONLY contact


USS Larson destroyer box art

DY-100b DSV 034

DY-100b DSV 029

DY-100b DSV 026

DY-100b DSV 025

DY-100b DSV 022

DY-100b DSV 018

DY-100b DSV 009

DY-100b DSV 008

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