KIT ALERT!! 1:1000 Enterprise REFIT Accessories from Modular Models




1:1000 Enterprise

REFIT Accessories


Pylon Mounted Upper Sensor Array

PT113 – $6.00

This upper sensor array attaches to the Refit Extended Dorsal to give your starship extra sensor capabilities.

upper 1 800

upper 2 800


Refit Weapons


Weapons Pack

PT64 – $3.00

Refit era equivalent of the TOS Weapons Pack – includes one torpedo launcher and two megaphasers. The gray panel line decals wrap around the top, sides and bottom of the torpedo pod. The engineering color stripes come in all three colors – choose the one you prefer. The long one goes down the top center of the torpedo pod, the short ones go one on each megaphaser body.

Parts list:

  • 1 torpedo pod
  • 2 megaphasers
  • Decals

Refit weapons 800

Surface Mount Torpedo Launchers (Pair)

PT120 – $4.00

One pair of surface mountable torpedo launchers. Can be used individually or back-to-back if trimmed flush. Includes decals for docking ports.

Parts list:

  • 2 torpedo launchers
  • Decals

surface torps 800


Bridge Dome with Dual Docking Ports

PT121 – $2.00

Dual docking ports allow two shuttles or other craft equipped with docking rings to mate directly with the bridge. Placement requires removal of existing bridge dome ledge on PL/R2 Refit B/C deck.



Primary Hull Recess
Single and Dual Grid Depths

PT116 – $4.00

Add a recess to your primary hull. Designed for the front center of the hull but will work anywhere along the circumference. Available in single and dual grid depth versions. Each includes sensor dish and triple torpedo launcher options.

notch diagram 1 deep 200


notch diagram 2 deep 200



Saucer Mounted Shuttle Bay

PT117 – $4.00

The saucer mounted shuttle bay fits in a six grid space – two grids wide by three grids deep starting at the third grid from the saucer lip – and can be mounted anywhere around the hull. Includes landing path decal. Designed for primary hull top half only – will not work inverted on bottom half of hull.

shuttle saucer diagram 200



Expanded Impulse Engine (Variations)

PT118 – Price Varies with Selection

This expanded impulse engine replaces the standard impulse engine on larger starships. Part includes grille decals and requires impulse dome from PL/R2 Refit Enterprise kit. Impulse engine part also available in clear, blue clear and red clear (not pictured).

impulse engine saucer diagram 200



Wide Dorsal Support

PT144 – $6.00

Extra wide dorsal support for heavier battleship and carrier designs. Features triple torpedo launchers and adapters for connection to both Refit and Excelsior class saucers. This is a MM original design; not based on any existing drawings.


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