KIT ALERT! – 1/16 Empire Strikes Back Cloud Car w/ Granite Stand – Hollow/Clear Engine – Resin Kit – By Polygonix Scale Models


1/16 Empire Strikes Back Cloud Car w/ Granite Stand

Hollow/Clear Engine Resin Kit

$289 USD

*First Name: Nathan
*Last Name: Myers
*Company Name (if applicable): Polygonix Scale Models(…not incorporated)
*CONTACT E-Mail Address:
*Country: USA
*Company Web Site URL (if applicable): None at the moment
*Kit Name: 1/16 Empire Strikes Back Cloud Car w/ Granite Stand – Hollow/Clear Engine – Resin Kit – Ltd to 25
*Kit Producer: Me
*Kit Scale: 1/16
*Kit Materials: Resin, Stainless Steel, Granite
*Number of Pieces: 14 Piece Kit + Granite Stand/Stainless Tube/Mount
*Kit Price: $289
*Shipping Amount: $30 in the Continental US / Quote for International
*Shipping Restrictions (Your Country Only or Worldwide): Worldwide
*Kit Availability Date: Start Shipping in Late April / Early May
*Payment Methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Money Order): Bank Transfer, Bill Pay, Paypal, Venmo, Check, Money Order
*PayPal E-Mail Address (if different from CONTACT email stated above):

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone that has bought my small Cloud Car kits in the past! I have been working on a much larger version and it’s finally ready for sale! There is some discrepency as to the official size of the Cloud Cars. If the original Studio Scale are 1/10, then the kit is 1/16 at a foot-ish long and wide.

Here is a link to one of our customers that completed a 1/48 kit for reference…this new one is 3 times the size with more accurate detailing! (see pic for comparison sizing)

This is a 14 piece, 100% hollow, resin kit with a clear piece for the engine, a laser engraved, black granite display stand (see below for custom sizing/engraving) with a brushed (shown) or mirror polished stainless tube (your choice) for support. Each picture is taken of the components as you will receive them and show the VERY minor imperfections, like “casting lines” and “nibs” as they come. They require VERY minimal post processing (as the people that have bought my smaller kits know) before priming. I did NOT prep, or sand the one in the picture to give you an accurate representation of what you will be receiving. I have taken great pains to ensure that every detail is CRISP and accurate.

I have been lucky enough to have access to compare these to the 3D models from ILM that were used in the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition and they are as accurate as possible, unlike some other kits from years past that had weird proportions etc.
I am limiting this to a 25 kit run which will take me approximately 90 DAYS to complete. Once they are gone, that is it, although I will still offer the smaller 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 through the Etsy store. Additionally any one that buys one of these will have first dibs on a limited run (again 25 kits each) of the Planet Express (24″-ish) and Event Horizon (36″-ish) kits I will be releasing later this year.

Each kit includes:
2x Main Body
2x Nose Cone
2x Cockpit with Interior
2x Canopy
1x Engine Front
1x Engine Rear
1x Engine Exhaust (clear for lighting)
1x Display Stand Mount
1x Stainless Steel 3/16″ Tube (brushed or polished, your choice…it is hollow to allow wires to be fed through it. The tube can be cut shorter than shown if desired.
1x 9″x9″ Laser Engraved Black Granite Base (Let me know if you want a different size/shape or engraving…happy to customize! For example I can do “Happy Birthday Johnny” etc.)

Price is $289 w/ $30 shipping within the Continental USA.

The granite base will have a slot cut into it to run wiring up through the stainless tube into the engine compartment for lighting. The base will have a laser cut cork bottom to not scratch a table top or other surface. Additionally the ‘wings’ of the engine have a hollow section that leads into the main bodies to light the cockpit, optionally. If you are not going to light it or want to have it battery operated where the components are all housed in the engine compartment and do not want a slot cut into the base, please let me know.

For feedback/references:
My wife and I own a laser cutting/engraving business and our Etsy stores/Ebay are: (just launched no sales)

Ebay Feedback


Payment is preferred by Direct Deposit (Bill Pay through your bank) to avoid fees. I can also accept Venmo, Paypal, good ol’ fashioned checks or wire transfer. Payment is required to be added to the list. Payment will be required to be cleared before shipment which can take a little time through Paypal. We are located in Little Rock, AR and the kits can be picked up to save shipping if desired. The first kits will go out after approximately 30 days with a steady stream after that. My ESTIMATE is 5 kits at 30 days and then 10 kits per month after.

Shipping is $30 via UPS/FedEx Ground. The box will be a decent size in order to protect the kit and the granite base. I am happy to ship internationally but will have to get pricing on an individual basis.

The kits were NOT sanded or prepped in any way for the pictures, just super glued together to give you an accurate idea of exactly what you will be receiving. There will be tiny lines and ‘nibs’ that will need to be sanded for the best appearance before painting. This should take LESS THAN 15 minutes to prep for each kit. The seams between the main body and engine pieces will need to be filled for best finish but they are a VERY good fit as you can see in the pictures. I can supply the kit sanded/filled/primed and/or assembled for an additional fee, please contact me for details.

The clear section of the engine I made in GREY resin for the assembled picture so the detail can be seen better. You will receive a CLEAR piece to the engine to allow the engine to be lit.

The assembled kit in the pictures is just FRICTION fit and no glue was used EXCEPT on the seam of the main body and engine.
The picture with the beer can is a standard 12oz beer for size reference.

The above link to a painted Cloud Car by a previous customer is our 1/48 scale kit…sorry I am not the best painter and am working on getting one of these larger ones painted. If it looks that good at 1/48, imagine what it would look like at 1/16!

Polygonix Scale Models

Nathan Myers


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