Kevingston “NEWSPAPER” Bus by Ricardo Martinez Jr. of South American Models

Once again Ricardo Jr come forward with another fantastic miniature piece…. the KVN 09 Bus! Beautiful work!

Here is what he has to say…

Hello to all! This is not a recent work and was made around 2009, as is stated on the letters on the roof “KVN 09″….

These buses are exclusively made to be displayed at stores of a local franchise “Kevingston” (KVN).

After building many of these and shifting colors many times, I wanted to do something new. The idea of a “Newspaper Bus” related to the pop culture came along. I was lucky to have found a museum webpage which had many acrobat files digitalized of “old” newspapers. I printed the pages on common paper and glue them in tiny pieces at the time, until I covered the outlined area. I put emphasis on sports news and sport comics which resembling of Kevingston products.

Kevingston, which is an Argentinean base company, has stores in many countries, and these buses travel to his destinations all over the world. Sadly, I don’t know which models were shipped to what locations, but “It’s always good to have the opportunity of doing something new” !!!!

Ricardo Jr

South American Models





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