Introducing the Works of John Rigoni (Capt. John Rigo) of SIMLSTAR Graphics

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist John Rigoni (Capt. John Rigo) of SIMLSTAR Graphics to our gallery! His model builds and digital composites works have been seen and offered in many areas, including conventions! Here is one of his award wining digital composites!

The image I am submitting is from page 4 of my site for the Jumping Out composition (on the page it’s titled as Jumping Out 2 Award Image). I won a blue ribbon 1st place at the Orange County Fair Fine Arts Competition in the 1990’s. The model was a limited edition resin kit of the Whitestar spaceship.

The composition is the model image multiplaced over a star background that I created using real space images digitally “tweeked” to create a “Jumpgate” for the Whitestar Ranger Squadron. This image had so many layers (about 40-probably more) that it took quite awhile to compose. I Hope you like it.

I hope for our future, as a species, to be long standing.

So say we all.

Thank you for your time

Capt John Rigo USS Independence NCC-71197


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John Rigoni (Capt. John Rigo)


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